Achieving Advantage through Automation- Closed-Loop Benefits


Rigibore’s ActiveEdge tooling can be successfully integrated with Renishaw’s OMP400 machine tool probe to drive productivity- and increase organisational efficiency through the implementation of a closed-loop manufacturing.

What is closed-loop manufacturing?

Closed-loop manufacturing is a process whereby bore sizes can be adjusted if they fail to meet the required tolerance, without the need for operator intervention. This process is ideal for tight-tolerance precision boring operations, providing a number of key benefits to organisations:-

  • Improved accuracy in production
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Adjustments can be made
    without being removed from the machine
  • Quality assurance in parts produced
  • Releases personnel for other shopfloor duties
  • Increased production- through lights-out manufacturing
Diagram closed loop
This diagram details the on-going process that occurs during closed-loop boring activities


Below is an outline of the the two feature products that play a key role in a successful closed-loop process- Renishaw’s OMP400 machine probe, and Rigibore’s ActiveEdge tooling.

Renishaw OMP400 high-accuracy machine probe

The high-accuracy Renishaw OMP400 probe applies exceptional performance and submicron accuracy to the boring operation.

The closed-loop boring operation utilizes in-process gauging technology, measuring the bore diameter and translating the measurement data to the CNC machine. The OMP features patented RENGAGE strain-gauge technology to ensure that all data is reliable, fast and accurate.

The OMP400’s flexible design means the stylus length can be increased with no significant decrease in the probe’s performance. This enables users to eliminate costly fixtures and manual setting errors, improve quality and reduce scrap rates.

OMP400 In Hand
Renishaws OMP400 high-accuracy touch probe offers exceptional performance and submicron repeatability

ActiveEdge Tooling

ActiveEdge technology provides organisations with the means to automatically adjust tools ‘in-process’ to ensure that critical bore sizes are maintained. This sophisticated design possesses the capability to produce finish bores with tolerances within a few microns on diameter, with no operator intervention required.

ActiveEdge Tooling- Provides efficiency and productivity through automation


The OMP400 probe accurately measures the bored diameter- using Rengage technology and sends this information to the CNC machine. A Rigibore macro compares the measurement against a set of user-defined parameters and checks that the bore is within tolerance. If not, it calculates the micron cutting edge adjustment necessary to ensure that the next bore is machined to nominal size.

If required, the compensation amount is transmitted via radio to the ActiveEdge tools control yoke, whereby intelligent hardware has the capability to compensate each individual cutting edge on the tool.

The tool can be adjusted in the carousel meaning there is no spindle downtime. This eliminates the need for the tool to be removed from the machine for the cutting edges to be manually adjusted.

The ActiveEdge Interface can be linked to a presetter, which allows it to access to the compensation function of the boring tool. Cutting edges can be automatically set to size after insert change.


ActiveEdge hardware is integrated to work with many well-known presetters, including Zoller, Parlec, Nikken and Kelch

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