Rigibore Partner with Zoller to showcase benefits of Automatic Presetting

On the 3rd and 4th of February 2016 Zoller UK are hosting an open day to showcase their product range, demonstrating how their innovative systems have provided solutions for organisations on a global scale.

Included in this showcase is the Zoller  »pilot 3.0«  Presetter, which can be integrated with Rigibore’s ActiveEdge tooling to deliver automatic presetting of rotating boring bars for machining centers.

The process of presetting can be vital to organisations conducting high-value operations that require a tight tolerance bored diameter, bars that are not accurately set can lead to scrapage of high value materials.

Rigibore and Zoller partner their advanced designs to offer a simpler, quicker and more accurate presetting process, ensuring maximum performance whilst minimizing time to set the bar.

Operational Requirements

  • ActiveEdge Boring Bar
  • One ActiveEdge Interface (AEI) per Zoller tool presetter and measuring machine
  • Zoller pilot 3.0 software version 1.10

Process of Presetting

Firstly, the ActiveEdge boring bar is placed on the presetter, inserts are replaced and the process can begin. The Zoller Tool Presetter and measuring machine performs a fully automatic measurement of the ActiveEdge tool, comparing the current cutting edges to the desired diameter.

If a compensation is required, the Zoller Presetter applies an integrated Rigibore signature function, which sends this compensation request directly to the ActiveEdge Interface. The ActiveEdge Interface sends this request to the ActiveEdge tool, and provides a wireless link between the Presetter and the ActiveEdge Tool

Once the Zoller Presetter has received confirmation that the ActiveEdge tool is set to nominal it performs an additional tolerance check before the data is written onto a tool ID chip or directly to the CNC machine. The tool is hereby ready to use.

Another feature of the Zoller »pilot 3.0« software is the possibility to easily adjust tools afterwards on the machine (e.g wear compensation) fully automatically via radio signal.



ActiveEdge can be successfully integrated with Zoller Presetter to create advantage through automation
ActiveEdge can be successfully integrated with Zoller Presetter to create advantage through automation.

Benefits of Automatic Setting

This section will now explore the benefits of partnering Zoller and ActiveEdge’s products.

-Reduced Operator Intervention- By allowing compensations to be made fully automatically the need for operator’s involvement is significantly reduced. This function successfully reduces the reliance on skilled operators to make adjustments manually, and releases staff members to participate in other shopfloor activities.

-Quality In Operation- Automation in setting allows guaranteed micron-precise changes to the ActiveEdge tool. This capability to adjust to nominal diameter means for an accurate operation achieving the desired tolerance requirements.

Process Efficiency- By creating a faster and more streamlined presetting process, cycle time in the operation is greatly reduced- cutting away the non-productive time in operation.

Standardization resulting in efficient serial production- Applying automation to set the bar leads to an accurate and repeatable process, which can be especially important when conducting high-volume operations.

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