Small Hole Boring Solutions Available at Rigibore


Having trouble maintain accuracy in adjustment when it comes to small hole boring operations?

 Does the process of making micron-accurate adjustment waste valuable operation time?

Rigibore’s Smartbore Nano is the solution to revolutionize your operation.


What is the Smartbore Nano?

This manually-operated system allows micron-accurate changes to be made to the tool, ranging from 0.5- 16mm in diameter, whilst the tool is still in the machine spindle.

Before discussing some of the important features and benefits the Smartbore Nano can deliver to your operation, this text will firstly outline the process of adjustment


How does it work?

The Smartbore Nano allows ease of adjustment, making micron-accurate changes to the cutting edge quickly and simply using the handheld Smartbore Adjuster, which is similar in design to a digital torx wrench.

  • Firstly, the Smartbore Adjuster is inserted into the connection located on the side of the boring head.
  • Once engaged, the Adjuster handle can be turned both clockwise and anti-clockwise to make positive and negative micron adjustments. These changes are clearly displayed on the Smartbore Adjuster Screen.
  • Once the desired adjustment has been made, the Adjuster is simply withdrawn from the head, completing the process and allowing the machining to continue.



This Diagram outlines the major functions of the Smartbore Nano.
This Diagram outlines the major functions of the Smartbore Nano.


Features of Smartbore Nano

Smartbore Nano’s unique capabilities create and sustain real life organisational benefits, allowing for a faster and more efficient small hole boring operation. Some of these key features are outlined below.

*Micron-Accuracy In adjustment: – The Smartbore Nano solution provides organisations with micron-precise adjustments down to just 1 micron on diameter, implementing sensor technology that ensures critical diameters are met.

This innovative sensor technology is stored inside the boring head. When the Adjuster engages with the Nano head, the sensor monitors positive and negative adjustments made on the cutting tool. These micron-accurate changes are communicated directly and instantaneously back to the user, displayed clearly on the Adjuster screen.

*No Spindle Downtime: – In an increasingly competitive business environment, organisations must exploit advantages by increasing output and reducing non-productive time. Implementation of Rigibore’s patented Smartbore technology can significantly contribute to an improved process.

The handheld Smartbore Adjuster allows micron-accurate adjustments to be made to the tool, reducing the need for presetting, or for it to be removed from the machine spindle at all. This significantly decreases ‘non-productive’ time in the operation, creating a more streamlined process for organisations.

*Electronics Displayed Outside of the Boring Head: – Competitor products incorporate fragile electronics and a digital display in the head itself, which increases the possibility of expensive damage when in use.

Whilst the boring operation takes place, chips and coolant can collide with important electronics inside the boring head, leading to significant damage and subsequently scrappage of high value materials.

Rigibore’s superior solution houses electronic components such as the digital read out and batteries are located in the handheld Smartbore Adjuster, keeping all electronics outside of the boring head and subsequently away from danger.

Not only does the patented design mean that the risk of damage is greatly reduced, but also allows organisations to exploit cost saving advantages on multiple boring heads. The Smartbore Adjuster only needs to be purchased once. Additional boring heads can be ordered separately, as one Adjuster can be used on any number of heads.

*No Clamping or Unclamping: – The Smartbore Adjuster can be inserted and removed from the tool simply, performing micron-accurate adjustments to the boring head without the need for clamping or unclamping.

The pre-loaded zero backlash Nano head design means that operators can trust the accuracy of adjustment, without having to compensate for inaccuracies due to clamping



smartbore nano picture


The Smartbore Nano offers users an unrivaled combination of accuracy and simplicity in adjustment, making it the ultimate tool for small hole boring operations.

You can learn more about the Smartbore Nano and our range of extensive boring solutions at the Rigibore website.


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