ActiveEdge Solutions


Whether your operation involves high precision manufacturing of valuable parts, centered on achieving high accuracy and repeatability in finish or volume production of the same component. ActiveEdge tooling can be successfully integrated to achieve a number of measurable and sustainable performance benefits such as increased productivity and reducing non-productive time.

This innovative design provides a solution to some of the biggest issues in modern day machining, actively reducing scrap and re-work rates, minimising cycle-time and improving process control.


What is ActiveEdge?

ActiveEdge is an automatically compensating boring bar which allows micron-accurate changes to be made to a tool’s cutting edge without operator intervention.

Rigibore can design and manufacture tools specific to a customer’s application, with multiple independently adjustable cutting edges built into one tool.

ActiveEdge tooling is dynamic, offering flexibility with three different levels of integration, suitable for almost any boring operation. These solutions will be explained in greater detail below.


Level One- Remote Adjustment

This method of ActiveEdge integration uses remote adjustment, allowing micron-accurate changes to be made to the tools cutting edge at the push of a button.

This simple system eliminates the need for manual adjustments, creating a fast and simple process whilst reducing the reliance on skilled operators to make micron-accurate adjustments.

By allowing changes to be made from outside the machine envelope, remote adjustment also ensures a safer process, eliminating the risk of danger that manual adjustment carries.


ActiveEdge wireless blog

3T Adjustment Process

  1. Entering the tool’s unique ID and required diameter change into to 3T Adjuster actions an adjustment request.
  2. This request is transmitted to the ActiveEdge tool via wireless radio transmission.
  3. The tool’s cutting edge will subsequently adjust to the required diameter automatically, each ActiveEdge Cartridge is independently adjustable.


ActiveEdge tooling allows the capability for up to 5 cartridges to be built into one bar.


Level Two-Machine Integrated with ActiveEdge Network

This method requires a level of on-site integration in conjunction with the machine tool supplier, successfully partnering ActiveEdge tooling with an external gauging or probing device and allowing CNC programs to adjust and monitor the ActiveEdge boring bar on the machine.

A manufacturer can benefit from Rigibore designed operation cycles to produce operator-free adjustment to boring bars which is also known as closed-loop manufacturing (Learn More About Closed-Loop Manufacturing).

By maintaining a close tolerance band on bore sizes throughout the operation and ensuring a low standard deviation means that a manufacturer can benefit from a significantly improved Process Control (Learn about improving Cpk with ActiveEdge ).





Closed-Loop Process

  • Firstly, a probing or gauging device is used to measure the diameter of the initial hole bored by the ActiveEdge tool.
  • This data is then translated and saved in a variable in the CNC machine. Rigibore Statistical Process Control (SPC) macros in the CNC machine analyse the measured diameter against a set of pre-determined upper and lower control limits on bore sizes.
  • If an adjustment to the bore size is required, this is translated to the tool via the ActiveEdge interface, acting as a link between the CNC machine and the tool.
  • The request is communicated to the tool via wireless radio transmission, the required adjustments are made to the tools cutting edge.
  • The process of measuring, monitoring and adjusting then repeats throughout the process.

Closed-Loop manufacturing allows machining to continue without operators even being present on site, this is known as Lights-Out Manufacturing.


Level Three- Machine Integrated with ActiveEdge Network

This advanced design incorporates the benefits of the level 1 and level 2 methods, however level 3 capabilities allow customers to gather and store real time data from the boring operation.

A Rigibore industrial computer running the sophisticated software ‘ActiveNet’ allows multi-machine cell operations to be controlled from one central location.

ActiveNet stores the complete adjustment history of individual tools, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire production process.  This function enables a company to successfully analyse it’s manufacturing operation.


Fig 3.



This diagram outlines how multiple tools running ActiveEdge can be easily monitored using the ‘ActiveNet’ software.

Having one centralised location monitoring every ActiveEdge tools simplifies the operation, highlighting any inconsistencies in performance and leading to continuous improvement.


Why ActiveEdge?

ActiveEdge tooling has been implemented on a global scale in a wide variety of industries including: – Automotive, Marine, Heavy Plant, Agricultural and Aerospace.

Results have shown consistent and repeatable performance helping manufacturers maximise production capabilities and gain a competitive advantage.

To find out more about how ActiveEdge tooling can improve your operation, or indeed any of the additional innovative boring solutions available, visit


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