Smartbore No Clamping

NO clamping. NO Deflection. NO Problem 


Modern day manufacturing requires exceptionally critical tolerances to be set and maintained throughout the boring operation, especially for industries such as Aerospace where the thirst for absolute precision is unrivaled – scrap is simply not an option.

To achieve this micron accuracy on high-value components, organisations must be able to implement an accurate, consistent and repeatable manufacturing operation -The tool plays no small part in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.


PROBLEM: – Clamping In Traditional Boring Operations

Traditionally boring bars are adjusted using vernier scale, the boring tool is clamped and unclamped  whilst the adjustment takes place. Even with the most advanced tool clamping technology available, some deflection will occur, subsequently offsetting the  preset size.

This time consuming process requires skilled and experienced operators to accurately compensate for these defections. This process is largely based on trial and error, risking accuracy of the component.


SOLUTION :- Digital Adjustment With Smartbore Technology

Smartbore technology allows micron precision in boring operations without the need for clamping or unclamping.

The handheld digital adjuster can be inserted straight into the connection on the cartridge/ boring head, allowing positive or negative diameter changes without clamping or unclamping.

The video demonstration below outlines the problem with traditional boring operations, offsetting the preset size through clamping. The video then demonstrates the Smartbore Adjuster’s micron accurate adjustment capabilities without clamping.


BENEFITS: – The Digital Difference  

  • Precision adjustments can be made by operators of all skill and experience levels
  • No clamp system ensures the diameter you set is not risked with deflections in adjustment.
  • In process changes can be made without removing the tool from the machine carousel, reducing spindle downtime in operation.
  • Smartbore Technology is available on small hole boring operations through the Smartbore Nano.



Want to know more?  visit the website or contact Rigibore via email at



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