Superior Alternative To Bladed Reamers

Are padded boring tools with blades proving problematic to your operation?

Causing long periods of down time in operation?

 Requiring a high level of skill to accurately set?

Costly to replace when damages occur? 

Where pads are applied to support the tool, this creates a significantly increased cutting pressure,  allowing chips to get between the pad and the component, often resulting in a poor surface finish.

Modern day manufacturing sees increasing pressure on companies to produce consistently accurate and concentric bores on high value components. In high volume operations, it is vital for organisations to minimise setting time in order to maximise production capabilities.

To continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness, organisations strive to apply superior tooling equipment to facilitate good operational processes. There is a much simpler and cost effective method to these boring operations, using systems developed by Rigibore.

Smartbore Technology

Rigibore’s forward thinking and innovative culture has allowed design and application of Smartbore Technology, combining the ease and simplicity in adjustment with unparalleled accuracy.

This manually-operated cutting edge tool adjuster guarantees micron-accurate diameter changes, simply by turning the Digital Smartbore Adjuster handle clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Changes can be made to a tools cutting edge without removal from the machine envelope, contributing to a dramatically reduced spindle downtime.

Smartbore combination boring bars can be designed and manufactured completely bespoke to a customer’s boring application. Multiple cutting edges can be integrated onto one bar, allowing critical diameters to be machined at the same pass, reducing cycle time.

Micron-Accurate changes to the cutting edges are clearly displayed on the LCD screen
Micron-Accurate changes to the cutting edges are clearly displayed on the LCD screen

Smartbore solutions have created success stories for leading organisations on a global scale, this blog explores how Smartbore Tooling has improved production capabilities for a well-known second tier automotive company.

Smartbore Industry Applications

Smartbore Technology combined with the latest insert geometry has created significant performance benefits for a second tier automotive company, producing gear housing components.

Previous tooling involved using carbide support pads to stabilize the bar and counteract deflection. The manufacturer was experiencing problems with accuracy resulting in high scrap rates and wasting up to an entire shift to set.

The implementation of Smartbore Technology has led to the following performance benefits for this company:

Scrap Rates:-Prior to introduction of Rigibore tooling, out of every 100 parts produced, 7 were rejected. Rigibore improved this figure with 100 parts being produced, just 1 part was rejected.

Finish Quality:-Whilst vastly increasing the surface speed from S1,800 to S6,000, Rigibore increased the feed rate from 600mm to just 1,000mmsignificantly improving surface finish.

Running Smartbore at high surface speeds, with lower feed rates reduces cutting pressure and therefore fewer deflections. This solution is a cheaper and more effective solution to carbide support pads.

Ease In Adjustment:- Smartbore technology allows simple, micron-accurate adjustments. It Guarantees precise and repeatable results for operators of all skill and experience levels.

CP Data:- Implementation of Smartbore tooling meant an improved process control performance, simplistic, micron-accuracy in adjustments meant now Cpk requirements are now met in operation.

The full version of this case study can be viewed online

You can learn more about Smartbore Technology, or our range of innovative boring solutions by visiting the Rigibore Website.

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