About Rigibore

Rigibore’s excellence in design and manufacture has been created over decades of experience and knowledge around each aspect of the industry, helping create boring tooling which allows real time competitive advantages for organisations

Rigibore possesses a number of flagship designs, which have proven to revolutionize boring operations for industry leading brands on a global scale.

How can Rigibore improve your Boring operation?


ActiveEdge is an automatically adjustable boring tool, allowing any machine tool to hold a close tolerance bored diameter and creating micron-accuracy in adjustment without the need for an operator’s intervention.

This superior boring solution by Rigibore creates a more efficient,accurate and productive boring operation whilst minimizing costs and improving health and safety.

Smartbore Technology

Another innovative boring solution is Rigibore’s Smartbore technology. This fast, easy to use, manually-operated tool adjuster allows operators to make micron-accurate adjustments to a tools cutting edge whilst remaining in the spindle.

The benefits of Smartbore technology can also be successfully applied to small hole boring operations, through the Smartbore Nano.This boring head can be adjusted with micron-accuracy in the machine spindle, offering adjustment ranges from 0.5-16 mm in diameter, with its simplistic design needing no clamping or unclamping in adjustment.

Special Tooling Capabilities

Rigibore’s unique capabilities allow us to provide almost limitless tooling solutions to customers’ requests.

Using in-house design system RADS, Rigibore can design and develop special tooling that is completely bespoke to the customer’s application, cutting multiple critical diameters on one bar.

This important asset sets us apart from other tooling manufactures, maximizing this software to meet critical lead times, sometimes as short as just 3 to 4 weeks.

Standard Boring Bars

As well as special tooling, Rigibore also offer customers a wide range of standard, single point boring units to suit rough boring, semi-finish boring and finish boring application. With diameters ranging from 15.875mm to Ø450mm and allowing tools to be developed on any taper shank, including BT40, BT50, CAT40 and HSK100.

Boring Units

Rigibore boring units have been developed to suit the standard boring bars, providing an extensive range of roughing, semi-finish and finishing units, providing superior rigidity and repeatability to the cut.


Rigibore also provide a wide range of cartridges including roughing cartridges, qualified cartridges, finishing cartridges, negative  mounted and negative rake cartridges, as well as stocking ISO cartridges that are available individual or built into Rigibore tools.


Whether cutting cast iron, aluminium, steel, plastics or titanium alloys, Rigibore technology offers a wide and varied range of cutting edges in the form of indexible carbide inserts.

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